Cerberus strives to be a just & fair chain by following a publicly shared code of conduct. This set of measures are respected by our own members, and we expect any other player interacting with us to do so as well.

Last updated: September 1st, 2018


Battlefield Moderators

We have appointed BF Mods who will look over every case where our BF Policy comes in action. Our BF Mods will determine any action they see fit to be taken for a case by Cerberus, guided by all the following rules.
If needed they will contact other alliances' BF Mods for a resolution. Our BF Mods can be contacted through any admin of the Cerberus alliance in KOC or through Discord/WhatsApp/Telegram.


Low Hits

We consider any hit made that steals less then 30T (30 minutes) to be a low hit. We also include Economy bonus gold in the income per turn. Any low hits that happen immediately (less than 2 minutes) after banking, immediately after another hit, or because of very bad percentages can be forgiven (if so judged). Sending an additional message in such case will certainly help the situation.
Standard low hits result in a 10T sab.


Defended Hits

Any hit where the defender has more than 85% DA to the attacker's SA and the attack fails, is considered a defended hit. In case the ratio is less than 85% and a second hit fails again, this will also be considered as a defended hit.
Defended hits result in a 10T sab per attack.


Farming - Massing - Raids

You may attack our members up to 10 times in a day. Any consecutive raids or attacks in attempt to kill soldiers or damage weapons are not allowed. Any actions to an offense of this rule will be determined per case.
This can go from forgiving to sabbing 10T and long-term approval by the entire chain.



In case of a seemingly unprovoked sab, our BF Mods will inquire after the reason of the sab. Any multiple sabs on our chain, or confirmed unprovoked sabs will result in a per case determined action.
This will most likely be a fixed period approval by our chain, which can be extended due to retaliations.



We do not approve of any systematic recruiting of our members by other players or alliances. Any recruiting of our members should be run by our BF Mods. Not doing so can result in actions from our chain towards the offender.